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What are the classification of game consoles?

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Domestic pocket electronic game machine

Pocket electronic game consoles are readily available due to their compact size and moderate price (between 40~200 yuan), and some models also have the function of electronic alarm clocks, so they are popular with teenagers. In the future, its social possessions are also increasing. Its excellent models include the LCD panel of the Little Wizard and the LCD King Kong of Koramid.

Usually, the portable liquid display game machine has a single fixed content and uses battery power supply, so its internal structure is very simple. It is mainly composed of large-scale special integrated circuit LSI, liquid crystal display LCD, key switch circuit, crystal or vibration resistance Rx, bee Naruto and other components.

The first generation of video game console Zhongshan DU-1

The first generation of ubiquitous home TV game machine is a game machine that uses the single-chip AY-3-8500 integrated circuit of General Instruments as the image storage. This type of machine uses 7.5V DC as the power source. There are only 4 to 6 ball games or shooting games in the program.

Due to the relatively simple components and equipment of DU-1 type, one AY-3-8500 integrated circuit can be used cheaper. Therefore, the machine is a simple and economical game machine, the price is about 65 yuan. In addition, the use of AY-3-8600, 8700 and 8900 integrated circuits can also constitute a more messy gaming machine.

3. Second-generation video game console: ATARI VCS-2600

The second-generation video game console is a game console represented by the ATARI VCS-2600 model produced in the United States. It takes full advantage of the APPLE (Apple) computer in the game, using the 6500 series of single-chip micro-processor, but in the process of drawing down the cost of the game machine, it chose to reduce the memory capacity as much as possible. Therefore, there are big defects such as monotonous image, rough image, simple action and vulgar game.

Although the game program of the 2600 model is relatively simple, it was popular for a while because it can replace the program card. It wasn't until the advent of the hell gaming machine that such machines were screened agilely. However, there are still sales in domestic shopping malls, with prices ranging from 100 to 120 yuan. The game card (eight in one) is under 50 yuan. The same type of games as the ATARI VCS-2600 game consoles include Yilong BIT-7000, Crown and Hanlong.

Fourth, the third generation video game console: NINENDO HVC-001

In July 1983, Japan NINENDO (Nintendo) launched the third-generation video game console represented by the HVC-001 type game console. Although the machine still uses the 6500 series 8-bit microprocessor, in addition to the central processor (CPU), a dedicated video processor (PPU) is selected, so the ability to handle animations and pictures is greatly enhanced, plus game cassettes The content is bright and colorful, and it is constantly changing the customs, quickly occupying the mall.

Because the output signal of the original Ren Hell game machine is NTSC system, which does not match the PAL system of our country, the original imported machine is rarely seen in domestic shopping malls. Most of the current sales are game consoles manufactured, modified or assembled in Hong Kong, Taiwan or China, with prices ranging from 100 to 400 yuan. Most of these models have certain compatibility issues, so special attention should be paid when purchasing.

In addition to Nintendo, this type of machine also has small genius, Shengtian, Xiaobawang and other models.

The fourth-generation video game console NEC PC-ENGIE

The fourth-generation video game console is the PC-ENGIE game console launched by NEC NEC in October 1987. This machine first chose a large-capacity laser video disc as the storage medium for the game (ie CD-ROM). Serious impact.

Starting from the PC-ENGIE machine, the gaming machine career started with a 16-bit micro processor to install the gaming machine, and the sound source also started to be stereo. The advent of the PC, because most of its game programming level is above Nintendo, undoubtedly gave Nintendo a huge impact. However, the PC still uses the NTSC standard output signal, and because of the higher price, it does not constitute a shopping mall in my country.

Other types of such game consoles are PC-Super GRAFX, PC_CORE GRAFX, PC_SHUTTLE, etc., all made by NEC.

It is reported that NEC, SEGA and PIONEER (forwards) are currently cooperating in the development of gaming machines that use LDROM as a storage medium to open up stores that inherit CDROM. Domestic manufacturers are also developing PCs with the same standard as ours.

Sixth, fifth-generation video game console: SEGA MEGA-DRIVE

In October 1988, Sega Corporation, a large Japanese game console manufacturer, launched the fifth-generation video game console SEGA MEGA-DRIVE? Sega, this mega-drive game console, chose the Motorola MC68000 ultra-large-scale micro processor And Z80A as CPU. During this period, Z80A was specially used as a digital sampling sound source, imitating stereo and other sounds.

The advent of Sega Machine, with its two-layer animation portrays the screen has a significant three-dimensional sense, using Z80A as an audio module to make the sound source vivid and rich, but also makes the large electronic game machine festival intended to be ordinary and peculiar. In addition, Sega adopts a variety of colorful formats and RGB (mainframe interface), AV (audio, video), and RFC (radio frequency) output methods for signal output, which overcomes the incompatibility problem and is also very fast It constitutes a shopping mall in China, and the current price is about 1,000 yuan.

Other high-performance game consoles

In April 1990, Japanese SNK company launched NEO.GEO type machine, which used two MC68000 and one Z80A as CPU. Its scene picture has 22 layers and the digital-analog conversion is completed on the sound source. The effect is intoxicating. Its program card Higher capacity can reach more than 300 trillion. But the machine only needs NTSC single output. In addition, SNK also introduced the AMIGA 500/2000 type and the cheap version X68000 game machine at the same level as the NEO.GEO type machine. In October 1990, the Japanese Ren Hell Company finally launched the Super FAMICOM (Super Ren Hell) 16-bit game machine that was said to have been developed quickly after the NEC PC-ENGIE machine came out. In terms of performance, only the sound source uses the PCM system, which is slightly higher than the SEGA MD. Others are not much improved, and the price of the host is higher, and the software is also launched slowly.

In June 1991, the Japanese company SONY began selling Play Station type 16-bit game consoles. This is a model integrated with CDI. CDI is a standard of CD-ROM. It records images, sounds, data, and characters in a digital method on a disc with a diameter of 12 cm. Its outstanding feature is that it can be combined freely according to the user's instructions. In this way, users can smoothly open up every game software.

Currently, Japan's FUJITSU company has also launched FM TOWN 32-bit video game consoles.

High-end game console

Following the trend of miniaturization and ultra-large size of home appliances, Nintendo of Japan first launched the GAME BOY LCD 8-bit machine in April 1989. The 2.5-inch non-liquid crystal display board that can display 4 levels of gray is selected on the machine. It uses four No. 5 batteries and is equipped with an external power socket. There is also another operation handle for piercing for two people to play together. The game card is more compact, with a volume of 56×64×7cm. The price of shopping malls in my country is about 700 yuan, and the card is around 120 yuan.

The following year, the American company Arida sold ATARI LYNK color LCD 8-bit machine, using 3.4-inch colorful LCD display panel.

Next, Japan's NEC and SEGA companies also launched the corresponding NEC PC, SEGA GAME GEAR 16-bit colorful LCD, and can watch TV programs, the LCD display screen is 2.6 inches and 3.2 inches.

Throughout the development of the gaming machine profession, the beginning of the monolithic integrated circuit installation, to the current 32-bit large-scale micro-processor game machine. Every innovation can see the big changes in the computer era: the single-chip doll machine has created the DU-1 type; 8-bit Apple machines have influenced ATARI; the concentration of computer gaming functions has constituted NINENDO; the IBM PC has shown its sharp edge. NEC PC, etc. As a necessity for the development of a new technological revolution, the computer has been driving the progress of the electronic game industry, that is to say, the current competition in the computer profession has come into direct contact with the incandescence of the competition in the gaming machine profession. This has advantages for us: we can enjoy the effects of high technology faster. It is also harmful: the frequent upgrades and incompatibility problems caused by the models make us exhausted and often cannot be in place at once.

As far as the purchase of game consoles is concerned, ordinary consumers in our country only need to purchase any hell series or compatible machines, because the current models and cassettes occupy most of the shopping malls. On this basis, you can also buy a keyboard and function development card to expand the game function.

For high-income families, the purchase of Sega machines is undoubtedly correct, because in the future, the game console market will be occupied by 16-bit machines such as Sega. Today, foreign countries have begun to sell Sega's matching communication adapter (MONEM). With this accessory, you can rent programs from electronic game communication intermediate stations through the telephone network, or find game partners to play games. Contest, so that Sega machine users can play without buying a card. In addition, a high-end laser system (CD-ROM) jointly developed by Sega, NEC and Striker is coming. In this way, the gaming software capacity of Sega will increase several times, and it can broadcast CDs and CDs.

The spread of video game consoles has allowed us to enjoy the effects of modern civilization, which has greatly enriched everyone's spare time. It has also caused some people to be uneasy and worried, but just like everything in the world is a combination of opposites, it is also beneficial There are disadvantages. Trust consumers to know it correctly and learn from each other's strengths, making it effective for us to play a beneficial role in puzzle, entertainment, service, etc.

Large-scale game consoles generally refer to relatively large-scale video game console devices. Large-scale game consoles are more enjoyable to play than small-scale game consoles. Players will also be more open in their movements and have more degrees of freedom than other game consoles. high. Large-scale game consoles are reproduced by frame game consoles (arcade machines). Arcade machines originated from American bars. In the 1980s, arcade machines were first introduced from Hong Kong, China, gradually from coastal cities to the interior, especially to In the early 1990s, the number of arcade gamers skyrocketed. At that time, streets and alleys were filled with game halls, and the school was surrounded by a golden zone. Many speculators were competing. At the beginning, the box game consoles are all based on fighting elements, such as the King of Fighters game console series, the Street Fighter game console series, the Hungry Wolf Legend game console series, etc. This can be said to be a classic memory of the 70s and 80s.




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